Sailplanes Flying in Hong Kong

This page contains information on a large number sailplanes that were seen flying in Hong Kong recently. The information was gathered from the manufacturers and from the pilots who flown the models. The information is by no means absolutely correct. Please provide comments if you've noticed any discrepancy.

Classification Based on Wing Span

<1.5m 1.5m (60") 2m (75") >2m
Komet Me163 EPP Carbon Star Whisper Graupner B4
Mog EPP Dominator ASW27 Flamingo 2001
Zagi EPP Sparrow Gillette Akro Star
B2 Stealth Bomber Mini Salto Twist DG800
Cutlass EPP Victors ASW27b Discus D2
EE Commet Dart Lucky Nimbus 3.3m
Boomerang EPP Prodij Calibra Fox 3.5m
F21 Predator Mininch Fox 2m ASH 26
Zero Minij Alpha Junior DG600
Triffik Shooting Star Mini Pike LS300
Little Bandit Micro Multiplex Pilatus B4
SkaT Pixel DG505
Switchblade Bip Bip Nimbus 4D
Eagle Cyclone EPP Hades
R/C Gull Mini Milan Miraj
JW EPP Mini Ellipse Scorpio
Eraser EPP AMD Sparrow Fox 3m
Jazz Xtreme Mini Corado Sting
Bullet EPP Mini NYX NYX
Bluto EPP Omega HLG Sierra
Beetle Tango Pike WR
Bee EPP(moulded EPP) Gulp DS New Sting
Bat EPP(moulded EPP) Trendy Queen Bee(moulded EPP)
Astro Banana Trinity
PC-9 EPP Easy EPP Elita
MicroFolh NYX F3F
      Aris F3F


Classification Based on Construction Method on Wings

Conventional (ribs or
foam core + balsa sheet)
Foamies Composite
(foam core + fiber sheet)
All molded Coroplast Sheeted
Carbon Star Komet Me163 EPP Dominator Mini Salto Beetle
Zero Mog EPP Sparrow Nimbus 3.3m
Little Bandit Zagi EPP Victors Fox 3.5m
SkaT B2 Stealth Bomber Whisper Shooting Star
ASW27 Cutlass EPP Prodij Micro
Gillette (with kevlar reinforcement) EE Commet Lucky Pixel
Twist Boomerang EPP Mininch Mini Ellipse
ASW27b F21 Predator Graupner B4 Nimbus 4D
Flamingo 2001 Slice EPP Switchblade Hades
Akro Star Cyclone EPP Triffik Mini Corado
Calibra Eagle Minij Fox 3m
Dart JW EPP Miraj Sting
DG800 Eraser EPP Mini NYX
Discus D2 Jazz Xtreme NYX
Fox 2m Bullet EPP MicroFolh
ASH 26 (with obechi-sheet) Bluto EPP Pike WR
DG600 Bee EPP New Sting
LS300 Bat EPP Mini Pike
ASW24 PC-9 EPP Banana
Bip Bip Gulp DS Trinity
Multiplex Pilatus B4 Queen Bee Elita
DG505 Easy EPP NYX F3F
EMS ASW27 Aris F3F
Mini Milan
R/C Gull
Alpha Junior(with ribs)
AMD Sparrow
Omega HLG


Classification Based on Wing and Tail Structure

Conventional (with tail) Delta Wing (tailless) Canard
Low/Mid Tail T Tail V Tail Without Fuselage With Fuselage Full Sweep
Zero SkaT Carbon Star Zagi EPP Komet Me163 EPP
Little Bandit ASW27 Dominator B2 Stealth Bomber Mog EPP
F21 Predator DG800 Sparrow Boomerang EPP Cutlass EPP
Twist Discus D2 Victors Slice EPP R/C Gull
Flamingo 2001 Graupner B4 Gillette Jazz Xtreme JW EPP
Akro Star Triffik Whisper Bluto EPP Gulp DS
EE Commet Calibra Prodij Beetle
Switchblade Nimbus 3.3m Lucky Bee EPP
Fox 2m ASH 26 Mini Salto Bat EPP
Fox 3.5m DG600 Dart Queen Bee
Bip Bip ASW24 Mininch
Cyclone EPP LS300 Minij
Eagle Multiplex Pilatus B4 Shooting Star
Alpha Junior DG505 Micro
AMD Sparrow EMS ASW27 Pixel
Eraser EPP Nimbus 4D Mini Milan
Fox 3m Scorpio Mini Ellipse
Bullet EPP ASW27b Hades
NYX Miraj
PC-9 EPP Mini Corado
NYX F3F Sting
Easy EPP Mini NYX
Omega HLG
Pike WR
New Sting
Mini Pike
    Aris F3F        


More are coming ......