B2 Stealth Bomber

B2 is a well-known military stealth bomber. There are many RC versions of B2 on the market. The following  is one of the smallest in the market. It is a foam wing design and can be flown in light wind. The model can be made electric as the kit is supplied with two motors.
Wing Span: 33.8"
Airfoil: E180
Manufacturer: Grand Wing Servo Tech (GWS)

b2_a.jpg (69558 bytes)
A B2 landed on tree top

b2_b.jpg (12700 bytes)
Look so real!

b2_c.jpg (11275 bytes)
Can you see it? It's a stealth bomber!

B2 on patrolling the sky (3273735 bytes)
B2 on patrolling the sky