Jazz Xtreme

Jazz Xtreme has an advanced wing platform optimized by Joe Wurts for slope soaring in speed unachievable by other EPP flying wings of the same class. It can run not only faster than other foamies but can retain its energy on turn - a good characteristic for pylon racing. Die hard Zagi's pilots now see a serious thread! We will see more and more Jazzes invading our Hong Kong air space soon.
Wing Span: 1.2m
Airfoil: Proprietary
Manufacturer: Canterbury Sailplanes

jazz1.jpg (37753 bytes)
EPP foam with an advance wing platform

jazz7.jpg (40620 bytes)
A good looking Jazz by Robin

jazz2.jpg (10211 bytes)
It looks similar to other flying wings - but ...

jazz3.jpg (6634 bytes)
it is really one of the fastest

jazz4.jpg (5663 bytes)
A combat wing to win competition

jazz5.jpg (5661 bytes)
Good for dynamic soaring too!

jazz6.jpg (17711 bytes)
On a combat mission in Fei Ngo Shan

jazz8.jpg (12541 bytes)
Soars along the ridge

jazz9.jpg (27230 bytes)
On a combat mission in Clearwater Bay

Jazz10.jpg (5359 bytes)
Pretty stable in flight

Jazz approach (689399 bytes)
See a movie of approach and dive

Jazz in combat (3383315 bytes)
See a movie for Jazz in slope combat

See a movie for an attempt to DS (2021071 bytes)
See a movie for an attempt to DS