Nimbus 4m

The Nimbus 4D by Lenger is a thermal glider of extra class that satisfies you with the achievable long duration flight. It has multi-stage swept-back leading edge as similar to Discus and Due Discus. The wing is multi-dihedral and aspect ratio is large. It has an outstanding behavior in the lower speed range. The kit has a gel-coated fiberglass fuselage with installed retractable leading gear. The rudder and elevator are fiberglass and the wings are hollow molded with carbon reinforced spar. Ailerons, flags and airbrakes are pre-installed.
Wing Span: 4m
Airfoil:  HG2,5/14, K3311
Manufacturer: Lenger Modellau

nimbus4m1.jpg (55708 bytes)
Its 4m wing was so streamline designed

nimbus4m2.jpg (53966 bytes)
Resting on ground after a hart-breaking maiden flight

nimbus4m3.jpg (49037 bytes)
With its proud owner Ah Fai

nimbus4m4.jpg (54021 bytes)
With a flighter pilot on board

nimbus4m5.jpg (50139 bytes)
See the amazing structure of this beautiful Nimbus

nimbus4m6.jpg (7713 bytes)
This big Nimbus can have astonishing aerobatics

nimbus4m7.jpg (12522 bytes)
A high speed close flypass

nimbus4m8.jpg (7577 bytes)
The wing structure is amazing to see on air

nimbus4m9.jpg (38925 bytes)
A close approach

Landing a 4m Nimbus (1929827 bytes)
See a movie for landing this wonderful sailplane