SkaT is a small but high performance slope sailplane designed for pylon racing. It was designed as an electric racing machine but it can be modified for slope racing without a motor. The wing is made with foam core and balsa sheet with spar reinforcement. The plane looks small on ground but performs very well as compared to other big sailplanes on air.
Wing Span: 28-32"
Airfoil: MH 30
Manufacturer: Diversity Model Aircraft

SkaT0.jpg (38719 bytes)
SkaT with Ah Keung

SkaT1.jpg (66150 bytes)
It looks small on ground

skaT7.jpg (52603 bytes)
Another colorful looking SkaT

SkaT3.jpg (19385 bytes)
A close flypass

SkaT4.jpg (9595 bytes)
It looks big on air

SkaT2.jpg (24707 bytes)
Cruising in Clearwater Bay