This ASW27 is optimized for weak to medium thermals and delivers its best performace where high maneuverability is a must. It has a white, glossy and polished GRP fuselage with installed retractable gear,covered wings in styro/obachi with winglets and installed speed brakes, blue colored scale-like opening canopy, cockpit extension kit and all writings in original design.
Wing Span: 2.5 m
Airfoil: SD3021
Manufacturer: Exclusive Modellbau Scheifele  (EMS)

ems_asw27a.jpg (52221 bytes)
A beautiful ASW27 from Master Chow

ems_asw27b.jpg (40341 bytes)
Preparing the ASW27 for launch

ems_asw27c.jpg (41697 bytes)
Get ready to launch!