Cyclone EPP

EPP Cyclone was designed for durable 60" slope racing at ragged locations. The fuselage is made with high-density EPP which provides rigidity and strength. The wing utilises RG15 airfoil which can provide speed with all-round handling characteristics.  Cyclone can fly fast and turn quickly with good energy retention in the turns, that makes it one of the fastest EPP planes on the market.
Wing Span: 60"
Airfoil: RG15
Manufacturer: RPV Industries

cyclone1.jpg (48397 bytes)
Raymond Wong's new toy, an EPP slope racer

cyclone2.jpg (43887 bytes)
This sloper looks like a convertional balsa plane

cyclone3.jpg (37062 bytes)
On a lowpass for an approach to land with flaps up

cyclone4.jpg (29479 bytes)
The speed it can acheive is comparable to composite ships

cyclone5.jpg (17093 bytes)
High speed aerobatics are easy to achieve

cyclone6.jpg (14020 bytes)
Speed chases with other EPPs