Micro is an all-molded flying machine for slope racing. The wing was nicely designed with a flat center panel, a bit of dihedral in the outer panels and nicely finished curved tips. Its RG15 airfoil provides good performance for a wide range of wind conditions.  With cost-performance tradeoff, this machine is a bit expansive as compared to other 60" racers.
Wing Span: 59"
Airfoil: RG15
Manufacturer: Northeast Sailplane Products

micro1.jpg (69425 bytes)
A beautiful Micro from Law  family

micro2.jpg (31954 bytes)
Soaring with wave silhouette in Clearwater Bay

micro3.jpg (64639 bytes)
On approach to land

micro4.jpg (20456 bytes)
On a close approach

micro5.jpg (10578 bytes)
Shoot up after a dive in Clear Water Bay