Pixel is a new sailplane designed for slope racing.  It is suitable for moderate to light wind and even thermal well. With ballast installed under strong wind condition, it can fly as fast as other top performance 60" racers. This flying machine is highly pre-fabricate even with servos installed on delivery. The wing is in two pieces with pitcheron control. The cost you need to pay is very attractive and is certainly a good-value-for-money model.
Wing Span: 60"
Airfoil: E224
Manufacturer: Imported from Europe, please contact Aerotech HK

pixels1.jpg (61524 bytes)
It is a highly pre-fabricate sailplane with servos installed

pixels2.jpg (55734 bytes)
The  fuselage looks like from a scale glider

pixels7.jpg (55909 bytes)
Army of Pixel on standby for launch

pixels3.jpg (26505 bytes)
The speed it can achieve is astonishing

pixels4.jpg (36019 bytes)
Hang over in the sky

pixels5.jpg (34631 bytes)
High speed roll is easy to achieve

pixels6.jpg (41010 bytes)
On a close approach with stable handling characteristics

Pixel on a landing approach (780511 bytes)
See a movie for Pixel on a landing approach