Little  Bandit

Little Bandit is a home made slope sailplane. The design is based on FVK Bandit and also takes into consideration the good features of Multiplex Twist. Its wing is rid-base without foam and covered with solarfilm. The high standard of craftsmanship by Ah Lok is the result of a very light, fast and highly maneuverable racing ship.
Wing Span: 39.5"
Airfoil: RG14
Manufacturer: Ah Lok

littlebandit.jpg (31762 bytes)
Little Bandit by Ah Lok with amazing craftsmanship

littlebandit2.jpg (29273 bytes)
Ready for launch on its maiden flight

littlebandit3.jpg (17006 bytes)
Off we go!

littlebandit4.jpg (13481 bytes)
and into the mysterious airspace.

littlebandit6.jpg (21883 bytes)
A closer look

littlebandit5.jpg (10018 bytes)
Come out from the fog