Lucky is a good value for money slope sailplane designed by Multiplex. Its aerobatics capability is high and you will feel lucky with this model’s price : performance ratio, too.
Wing Span: 76"
Airfoil: RG15/RG12
Manufacturer: Multiplex RC

lucky1.jpg (43184 bytes)
Lucky for Andy

lucky2.jpg (37148 bytes)
It has been very Lucky for Master Leung

lucky3.jpg (9677 bytes)
After a close approach

lucky7.jpg (11757 bytes)
A close flypass in Fei Ngo Shan

lucky5.jpg (7634 bytes)
Aerobatics invert by Master Leung

lucky4.jpg (8286 bytes)
On dive

lucky6.jpg (29462 bytes)
On a speedy turn