Fox 3m

This Fox is a faithful scale model of the famous Polish aerobatic glider and is intended for very experience modellers. The model is molded using fibreglass and carbonic composite material. The wing is in 2-piece with which ailerons are already installed on shipment. Its aerobatic capability is good in considering its 3m wing span. It is definitely a good value for money model that every modeller would love to see it soaring over the field.
Wing Span: 3m
Airfoil: HQ 1,5/12
Manufacturer:Japo of Czech Republic

fox3m1.jpg (27469 bytes)
This beautiful 3 meter plane has high-degree of prefabrication

fox3m2.jpg (8054 bytes)
Look very realistic

fox3m3.jpg (5610 bytes)
Aerobatic, no problem!

fox3m4.jpg (30929 bytes)
Soar peacefully in Clearwater Bay

fox3m5.jpg (20761 bytes)
Close flypass

fox3m6.jpg (39134 bytes)
It is enjoyable for flying this glider