Mini Ellipse

This hollow-mould sailplane is the little brother of the famous Ellipse series of gliders by Jaro Muller.  It was designed for thermal as well as slope soaring. It can be flown on small slopes with weak lift conditions.  For each intended use it guarantees an all round performance in connection with the large superficial contents which you will often look for in vain in models of this class. Mini-Ellipse is an easy-to-fly model with good handling characteristics which will certainly impress you, whether you are for pleasant gliding, or on the slope with speed chases or for outrage dynamic soaring.
Wing Span: 1466mm
Airfoil: RG15
Manufacturer: Jaro Muller

mellipse1.jpg (67584 bytes)
A brand new Mini Ellipse by Paul Wong

mellipse2.jpg (69702 bytes)
It's small as compared to its big brother

mellipse3.jpg (13103 bytes)
Chased by another 60" racer

mellipse4.jpg (20925 bytes)
High speed flypass

mellipse5.jpg (11237 bytes)
It is a beautiful bird

mellipse6.jpg (30381 bytes)
and a fast 60" racer

mellipse8.jpg (6970 bytes)
A nice looking racer in its class

mellipse9.jpg (18381 bytes)
Soars over Clearwater bay

mellipse7.jpg (30768 bytes)
On a low flypass in Clearwater Bay

MiniEllipse on aerobatic roll (875791 bytes)
See a movie for MiniEllipse on aerobatic roll

Mini Ellipse on MoM Slope Race (2838355 bytes)
See a movie for Mini Ellipse on MoM slope race

MiniEllipse on dive (1132891 bytes)
See a movie for Mini Ellipse on high speed dive