R/C Gull

The R/C Gull is a successful story of man to intimate seagull. Its aerodynamic line has truly resembled a real seagull. The wings were swept back and its construction is balsa sheeting over white foam wing cores. The R/C GULL is an aerobatics sloper and requires at least a 15 mile per hour wind and a 100 foot hill to have fun with. The control surfaces are Elevons which require some type of mixing.
Wing Span: 41"
Airfoil: E168
Manufacturer: Birdworks

gull1.jpg (54094 bytes)
Does it look like a real seagull?

gull2.jpg (58773 bytes)
Its aerodynamic line resembles a real seagull

gull4.jpg (56945 bytes)
Uncle Chan and his beloved Gull

gull3.jpg (5197 bytes)
It looks so real except the antennae feed

gull5.jpg (19281 bytes)
A lone flyer in Clearwater Bay

gull6.jpg (3234 bytes)
Soaring to its destiny

gull7.jpg (28519 bytes)
A real "bird" ?