FVK Gillette

Gillette has a foam core with carbon fiber reinforced balsa sheeted wing. The wing is in two pieces and ready made on shipment. The performance is good in case of strong wing with heavy ballast installed. But it is not as good as other fiber molded models in light to moderate wind conditions. However,  it is a good value ARF in terms of cost-performance tradeoff.
Wing Span: 72"
Airfoil: RG14
Manufacturer: FVK Modell

gillette3.jpg (69692 bytes)
Gillette by Stanley Chan

gillette4.jpg (36429 bytes)
Ready for launch in Clearwater Bay

gillette2.jpg (30402 bytes)
On flight with aerobatics

gillette7.jpg (42091 bytes)
Another Gillette soars peacefully

gillette8.jpg (19183 bytes)
Rare appearance on the slope