Bullet EPP

The Bullet EPP was designed for aerobatics, yet it is good for beginners. It has a close resemble of Eraser EPP and is a good aileron trainer for pilots exploring to the next stage of slope soaring with long durability.  Its is light and able to fly in a wide variety of conditions. 
Wing Span: 1.2m
Airfoil: Propriety
Manufacturer: Phoenix Model Products

bullet1.jpg (51878 bytes)
Its lookalike appearance as Eraser

bullet2.jpg (54032 bytes)
It is a good looking EPP sloper

bullet6.jpg (43241 bytes)
Another good looking Bullet

bullet3.jpg (5263 bytes)
It is also a pleasant flyer

bullet4.jpg (16871 bytes)
with good aerobatic capability

bullet7.jpg (11295 bytes)
However, it needs quite bit of wind to do that

bullet5.jpg (18052 bytes)
Soars majestically along the slope edge

Soaring peacefully in Kowloon Peak (2092679 bytes)
Soaring peacefully in Kowloon Peak