Miraj was designed and optimized for slope soaring and for F3F. This sailplane is a result of several years of experiences and search empirical on the profiles and the geometry. The wing consists of a very dense polystyrene core on which is moulded a laminate made up of carbon and glass fiber. The fabrics of surface is one 50 grams glass positioned with 45 degrees, it thus takes part in rigidity in torsion. The wing is in three parts, the sleeves of keys of wing are posed with the moulding, the ailerons are cut out and the passage of wire of servos as well as the supports of fixing of those are prepared. The fuselage has a nose cone and has plenty of space for radio accessories. The ballast compartment is of rectangular shape and is posed during the moulding and being  able to accept 700g lead. Miraj is a sailplane of qualities of flights. It is very intended to experienced pilots. Indeed, it has healthy characteristics and relatively easy to control.
Wing Span: 2.48m
Airfoil: MG06
Manufacturer: Pyrenees Modeles

miraj1.jpg (55986 bytes)
It is a beautiful racing machine!

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The wings are thin and very strong

miraj3.jpg (57471 bytes)
The V-tail is solidly strong

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Miraj 30.8 is currently a F3F world record holder

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This racing machine was optimized for F3F

miraj9.jpg (27157 bytes)
On approach to land with flag lowered

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It is floaty and fast even in light wind conditions

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It has quick control response and is well suitable for pylon

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Its aerobatics capability is amazing for its size

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Cruising steadily after launched

miraj10.jpg (4864 bytes)
Miraj 30.8 on a flypass

Launching a MIraj (1357227 bytes)
See a movie for launching a Miraj

Miraj dynamic soaring in Fei Ngo Shan (3531879 bytes)
See a movie for dynamic soaring a Miraj

Landing a Miraj with butterfly deployed (3027783 bytes)
See a movie for landing a Miraj with butterfly deployed

Miraj soars over Ma On Shan (3424255 bytes)
Miraj soars over Ma On Shan

Miraj on a speed run in Clearwater bay (3954895 bytes)
Miraj on a speed run in Clearwater bay