NYX is a new member of highly competitive F3J/F3B gliders on the market and was already proved to be one of the most successful gliders designed so far. The Greek mythology of NYX means GODDESS OF THE NIGHT, the name that anything inexplicable or frightening  was attributed to. This beautiful all-moulded baby was designed by a highly dedicated team of professional r/c sailplane designers and manufactured with high-precision CNC molding process. It employs a new HN-354SR airfoil and is very slippery. The degree of prefabrication is extremely high. All you need to get the plane to fly is to install the radio gears.  The three-piece wing  is very strong with pre-hinged ailerons and flaps. The fuselage is enforced with carbon cloth and is very strong. A ballast tube is pre-installed and can take up 30 oz of ballast slugs. The cruciform tail is what make this glider so different from v-tail gliders conventionally used by competitive pilots in the F3x arena. A F3F version with smaller wingspan for slope soaring is also available.
Wing Span: 3.2m
Airfoil: HN-354SR
Manufacturer: Breta models. Please see European Sailplanes, F3X.com, and Insider Modellbau
For local pilots please contact Stanley Chan at 92568087 for stock.

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A beautiful solid racing machine!

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Its aerobatic capability is amazing even for  its large size.

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The cruciform tail is professionally installed - efficient and accurate

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Soaring on Clearwater bay peak

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On a speedy flypass