Me163 EPP Delta Wing

Komet ME163 is a delta wing combat plane made with EPP material. It is stable for all kinds of wind conditions and highly maneuverable. In pylon racing, it is faster than Zagi and other flying wing models. It is also very durable.
Wing Span: 49"
Airfoil: MH 45
Manufacturer: Dave's Aircraft Works

me163_a.jpg (64216 bytes)
Sisters of Komet ME163s by Stanley Chan

me163_i.jpg (54058 bytes)
A beautifully decorated ME163

coME163.jpg (22735 bytes)
Coca Cola ME163 by Derek Wong

me163_d.jpg (22715 bytes)
A close approach in Clearwater bay

me163_e.jpg (7638 bytes)
Off we go!

me163_f.jpg (34935 bytes)
Hang over Fei Ngo Shan

me163_g.jpg (23678 bytes)
Soaring peacefully on top of the mountain

me163_h.jpg (49056 bytes)
ME163 invert launch

me163_c.jpg (20056 bytes)
ME163 soaring in Ma On Shan

me163_j.jpg (15208 bytes)
On dog flight over Hong Kong harbor

me163_k.jpg (7086 bytes)
Looking for a prey?

Speed chase in Hong Kong airspace (4034771 bytes)
Speed chase in Hong Kong airspace

ME163 on a tour of Clearwater Bay (2352803 bytes)
ME163 on a tour of Clearwater Bay