Mini NYX

Mini NYX is a new member of the family of F3J/B NYX which was proved to be one of the most successful competitive gliders designed so far. Its close relative, Shooting Star (Nemesis), was already well known for its stunning capability in all round conditions. Mini NYX has inherited the capability of Shooting Star with an added advantage of a newer airfoil HN 354SR. This beautiful 60" racer is designed by a highly dedicated team of professional r/c sailplane designers and manufactured with high-precision CNC molding process. The degree of prefabrication is extremely high. All you need to get the plane to fly is to install the servos.  The wing structure is very strong and is particularly suitable  for outraging dynamic soaring. The wing and fuselage colors are prepaint on delivery. The V-tail is attached to the fuse from the bottom side using only one screw - a very innovative idea for V-tail attachment as this provides extra strength to the tail, very important for extreme highspeed DSing.
Wing Span: 60"
Airfoil: HN-354SR
Manufacturer: Breta models. Please see European Sailplanes,, and Insider Modellbau
For local pilots please contact Stanley Chan at 92568087 for stock.

MiniNYX1.jpg (34426 bytes)
Just look good for an outrage 60" racer!

MiniNYX2.jpg (35209 bytes)
It is even more beautiful than its famous sister, Shooting Star

MiniNYX5.jpg (32199 bytes)
Plenty of space for the gear

MiniNYX3.jpg (7063 bytes)
Look so aggressive in the air

MiniNYX4.jpg (6481 bytes)
It is really fast with crisp control

MiniNYX6.jpg (13253 bytes)
Definitely a winner for 60" races

MiniNYX7.jpg (11485 bytes)
Soaring on a beautiful day in Ma On Shan

MiniNYX8.jpg (4949 bytes)
On a speed run

See a movie for MiniNYX highspeed flypass (1967671 bytes)
See a movie for MiniNYX highspeed flypass

See a movie for a quick turn (1161607 bytes)
See a movie for a quick turn