Akro Star

Akro Star utilizes an airfoil which is a combination of the RG12 and RG15 airfoils, which gives it a wide range of speed. The kit contains a quality made Epoxy fuselage with a hard, white surface. The total weight for this ship is quite heavy, however, it can cruise at light to moderate wind and be able to do all kinds of aerobatics.
Wing Span: 87.5"
Airfoil: RG15/RG12
Manufacturer: Multiplex RC

akrostar1.jpg (55436 bytes)
A beautiful plane on ground

akrostar2.jpg (54598 bytes)
Another view of Akro Star

akrostar3.jpg (38634 bytes)
Akro Star and its master pilot

akrostar8.jpg (37153 bytes)
On preparing Akro Star for launch

akrostar5.jpg (26052 bytes)
On cruising speed

akrostar6.jpg (5035 bytes)
On invert aerobatic

akrostar4.jpg (34932 bytes)
Launching the Akro Star in Fei Ngo Shan

akrostar7.jpg (10439 bytes)
On a speed turn