Prodij was designed for pylon racing by French. The wings are molded with very strong fiber glass. All servos are installed on fuselage to minimize the inertia during tight turn. These racers are pretty fast even in light wind conditions. The wing structure should be strong enough for outraging dynamic soaring. The wing and fuselage colours are prepaint on delivery.
Wing Span: 60"
Airfoil: MG06
Manufacturer: Pyrenees Modeles

prodij1.jpg (75170 bytes)
A red colored Prodij by Stanley Chan

prodij12.jpg (42147 bytes)
Another beautiful looking Prodij

prodij2.jpg (58812 bytes)
Inside the Prodij

prodij10.jpg (27729 bytes)
On launching the Prodij

prodij6.jpg (28650 bytes)
Prodij on a tight turn

prodij8.jpg (21232 bytes)
On a close flypass

prodij5.jpg (34364 bytes)
Prodij on approach to land

prodij11.jpg (4559 bytes)
On aerobatic  roll

prodij13.jpg (9540 bytes)
Cruising steadily in Clearwater Bay

prodij14.jpg (13829 bytes)
Hanging in the air

prodij7.jpg (30012 bytes)
A beautiful looking flying machine

On launching a Prodij in Pech David, France (2810743 bytes)
On launching a Prodij in Pech David, France

Prodij on aerobatic spin (7241887 bytes)
Prodij on aerobatic spin

Another S-spin by Prodij (6346755 bytes)
Another S-spin by Prodij