Flamingo 2001

Flamingo 2001 is a high performance sailplane designed for thermal duration as well as slope soaring. It performs very well in all kinds of wind conditions.
Wing Span: 112"
Airfoil: HG3.2-11
Manufacturer: Multiplex RC

flamingo1.jpg (62262 bytes)
A Flamingo on ground by Stanley

flamingo2.jpg (25204 bytes)
Just before launch in Clearwater bay Peak

flamingo3.jpg (58976 bytes)
Another view of Flamingo

flamingo4.jpg (49711 bytes)
Another closer view of Flamingo

flamingo7.jpg (8823 bytes)
Soaring over Fei Ngo Shan

flamingo8.jpg (42062 bytes)
Landing in Fei Ngo Shan Peak