AMD Sparrow

Sparrow is a new design from AMD. Its control is rudder-elevator. It has rib wings which are factory covered. The flying weight is small and is well suitable for light wind and it can even thermal. The GRP fuselage is yellow colour and visually appealing. It is definitely a good-value-for-money model.
Wing Span: 58"
Airfoil: semi-symmetric
Manufacturer: Aero Model Design (AMD) see also European Sailplanes

amdsparrow1.jpg (62795 bytes)
On the ground before its maiden flight

amdsparrow2.jpg (49950 bytes)
Well, this is the result of pilot error

amdsparrow3.jpg (10070 bytes)
It is a pleasant flyer

amdsparrow4.jpg (9206 bytes)
Soaring peacefully in Fei Ngo Shan

amdsparrow5.jpg (11505 bytes)
It is a good begineers' model

amdsparrow6.jpg (27377 bytes)
Floating in light wind

AMD Sparrow on a flypass and dive (1400207 bytes)
See a movie for AMD Sparrow on a flypass and dive