This beautiful scaled DG600 has a wing span of 2700mm with winglets or 3270 with attached wing tips.  The wings are obechi-sheeted with finished covering. Finished components of this glider include white GfK trunk with GfK rudder and bowden cables, framed canopy with angeformter pilot tub. The DG600 is very agile, it brings very good performances at the slope. With attached tips,  the model becomes the genuine Soarer.
Wing Span: 2700/3270mm
Airfoil: S3010 - S3021
Manufacturer: Lenger Modellbau

DG600_a.jpg (65546 bytes)
This new DG600 with decoy looks so beautiful

DG600_b.jpg (59590 bytes)
Another view on ground

DG600_c.jpg (27336 bytes)
Soaring peacefully on Clearwater Bay peak

DG600_d.jpg (10891 bytes)
On close flypass

DG600_e.jpg (13572 bytes)
On vertical loop

DG600_f.jpg (10412 bytes)
On dive