This DG505 is an all round slope as well as thermal sailplane. This sailplane is highly prefabricated, with minimum effort you can bring it to air. The wing has foam core with balsa sheet or glass sheet. The tail elevator is molded with glass. The canopy is in two frames with plenty of space for two pilots. This large size sailplane is definitely a good value-for-money model.
Wing Span: 3636mm
Airfoil: HQ 3 mod
Manufacturer: Lenger Modellbau

dg505a.jpg (52912 bytes)
A beautiful DG505 on Fei Ngo Shan Peak

dg505b.jpg (57437 bytes)
See the pilots; two very cute monkeys

dg505c.jpg (20860 bytes)
On a low flypass

dg505d.jpg (10832 bytes)
High speed dive

dg505e.jpg (14610 bytes)
Soaring peacefully on its maiden flight

dg505f.jpg (12596 bytes)
Tight turns are easy to achieve

dg505g.jpg (11524 bytes)
Aerobatics invert!

dg505h.jpg (13641 bytes)
Ridge hunt in Fei Ngo Shan