Twist is a high-performance sailplane designed for slope racing. It performs very well in all kinds of wind conditions. This is one of few ships that still can fly in high speed when others are grounded in light wind.  Unfortunately the manufacturer is no longer producing it.
Wing Span: 75.5"
Airfoil: RG14 Modified
Manufacturer: Multiplex RC

twist.jpg (55629 bytes)
A Twist on ground by Andy

twist_a.jpg (23673 bytes)
Just before launch in Clearwater bay

twist_c.jpg (60174 bytes)
Another Twist just landed on the right spot

twist_d.jpg (23447 bytes)
On a flypass

twist_e.jpg (20223 bytes)
On cruising in Clearwater Bay

twist_f.jpg (10291 bytes)
On aerobatics turn

twist_g.jpg (12736 bytes)
It can still fly when others are grounded in light wind!

twist_h.jpg (10389 bytes)
A close flyover in Clearwater Bay

Twist performing stall turn (3701979 bytes)
Twist performing stall turn