Trinity is a new F3F plane from Baudis Model.  The wing was designed with the famous French profile MG06 which was proved to be very competitive in the slope soaring contest arena. Trinity's wing is molded with strong fiber glass and is VERY thinned! You have to install ultra thin servos on the wing for such a large 3m plane! The penetration speed attained with such a thinned airfoil is just amazing. This racer is quite floaty in light wind conditions and with ballast installed in strong wind, the ship will rock.  You need a special DS version for outraging dynamic soaring. The nose cone is removable and even the inner part of fuse head is detachable from the main fuse.
Wing Span: 3.01m
Airfoil: MG06
Manufacturer: Baudis Model, please see SoaringUSA and also  Fly Lab
For local pilots please contact Stanley Chan at 92568087 for stock

trinity1.jpg (184151 bytes)
The whole plane is yellow paint with red strips on the bottom of wing

trinity2.jpg (180862 bytes)
The wing is VERY thinned, ultra thinned servos are needed

trinity3.jpg (91672 bytes)
Look, it can run fast!

trinity4.jpg (106429 bytes)
On a speedy fly pass

trinity5.jpg (132087 bytes)
Its MG06 airfoil is the secret to win

trinity6.jpg (114092 bytes)
The turn is quick and authoritative

trinity7.jpg (15537 bytes)
The MG06 airfoil provides its good handling characteristics

trinity8.jpg (10422 bytes)
On a quick turn in Shek O Peak

Trinity on a tour Discovery Bay (3889379 bytes)
Trinity on a tour Discovery Bay