Discus D2

The outstanding characteristics of the original Discus 2 were transferred to a scale model. The Discus offers distinguished flight performances at the slope and in the thermals. The model has framed canopy, completely sanded and covered; a truly good value for money model. It is amazing that the manufacturer can achieve such an incredible price for big scaled gliders like this.
Wing Span: 2.9m
Airfoil: E203
Manufacturer: Lenger Modellbau

Discus D2_a.jpg (43401 bytes)
It is a beautiful plane on ground

Discus D2_b.jpg (36899 bytes)
Resting and ready for launch

Discus D2_c.jpg (35700 bytes)
A closer look, the quality of fabrication is high

Discus D2_d.jpg (34712 bytes)
Top view, it is good value for money

Discus D2_e.jpg (29155 bytes)
Look big on ground

Discus D2_f.jpg (40861 bytes)
The wing finishing is amazing

discus10.jpg (9201 bytes)
On aerobatics in Clearwater Bay

discus11.jpg (10937 bytes)
In steady cruising after launched

discus12.jpg (10652 bytes)
On a speedy dive