AMD Zero

Zero is a combat scale model. It is very light and highly maneuverable. The fuselage is molded fiber glass while the wing is conventional with foam core and balsa sheet.
Wing Span: 45"
Airfoil: Proprietary
Manufacturer: Aero Model Design (AMD)

zero.jpg (40775 bytes)
Zero by little Law, our active youngest pilot

zero_3.jpg (30911 bytes)
A fighter Zero by Ah Keung

zero_2.jpg (36869 bytes)
Antenna magic, really flying?

zero_6.jpg (10377 bytes)
Gaining attitude after a low pass

zero_5.jpg (27423 bytes)
On course to land in Fei Ngo Shan

zero_4.jpg (51994 bytes)
Ooh! Flip over just after landed

zero_7.jpg (51861 bytes)
On a ridge run

zero_8.jpg (42801 bytes)
A good looking zero on flypass