Dominator has carbon fiber-sheeted wing and was designed for slope racing. It tracks quite well in all conditions. It performs particularly well in turns. But on straight speed run it is not as fast as other top-performance 60" racers. It also tends to tip stall at low speed. It is also a bit expensive too as compared to other European models.
Wing Span: 60"
Airfoil: MH 32
Manufacturer: Northeast Sailplane Products

dominator (70200 bytes)
Dalmatian Dominator by Stanley Chan

dominator6.jpg (56460 bytes)
Another view of this Dalmatian

dominator5.jpg (23761 bytes)
On approach to land

dominator (10634 bytes)
On a dive in Clear Water Bay

dominator8.jpg (37952 bytes)
Low pass in Fei Ngo Shan

dominator9.jpg (17238 bytes)
Hang in the air