This ASW 27B is capable of a surprising performance and impeccable handling. The model is of compact dimensions and aerobatic, and is designed both for slope soaring and for flat-field flying from a winch or aero-tow launch. The ailerons and flaps can be mixed and moved as butterfly for slow landing.  The wings are obechi-sheeted with finished leading and trailing edges and are joined with a 8 mm joiner tubes using MULTIlock technology. The fuselage was made of high-quality MULTIPOXY with a strong, lightweight, brilliant white finish.
Wing Span: 102"
Airfoil: Unknown
Manufacturer: Multiplex RC

asw27b1.jpg (54851 bytes)
This brand new ASW27B is a modification on the old ASW27

asw27b2.jpg (15924 bytes)
It looks so beautiful in the air