Aris F3F

Aris is one of the top F3F models designed and manufactured by Aerodesign of Slovak Republic.  Its advanced airfoil and streamline aerodynamic design ensure its top airspeed in various wind conditions. It has won many contests in Europe, USA and Asia. Its V-tail is removable and together with a two-piece wing, it is easy transportable.
Wing Span: 2.97m
Airfoil: HN483B
Manufacturer:  Aero Design. See F3x.COM Aris or ET-Air.  Interested pilots in Hong Kong and Taiwan, please contact Stanley Chan

A beautiful design - masterpiece from a F3F model producer

This plane has won many contests

Its streamline airfoil ensures its top performance

It is a beautiful plane in its own class

State-of-the-art manufacturing technology

Just out of box

AMD Sparrow on a flypass and dive (1400207 bytes)
See a movie for Aris practicing F3F