This elegant LS300 is a semi-scale model for pleasant flying. This model is highly prefabricated and is completely sanded and covered. The wing is in 2-piece and its finished surface in balsa polystyrene, with which the ailerons and flaps are already ripped out and likewise sanded. It is a good value for money model.
Wing Span: 3000mm
Airfoil: E205
Manufacturer: Lenger Modellbau

ls300a.jpg (53002 bytes)
This ship has a large wing span

ls300b.jpg (48664 bytes)
It is a good-looking scale model

ls300c.jpg (16928 bytes)
On close flypass

ls300d.jpg (21731 bytes)
Hang in the air

ls300e.jpg (40133 bytes)
Soar along the coast

ls300f.jpg (29647 bytes)
It is relaxing to fly this glider