New Sting

The New Sting is a completely different model than the Sting. It uses a different airfoil and has a longer wingspan than the Sting. Unlike the Sting which was designed solely for F3F category - it is still in production and winning the races, the New Sting, however, is a crossover capable for both F3B and F3F tasks. The New Sting made its first F3B debut in 2001 WC in Czech Republic winning some distance and duration tasks. Not surpassingly, it did very well in 2002 Viking Race (F3F) placing the 2nd and put 4 in the top 10 list.
Wing Span: 3.0m
Airfoil: HN354
Manufacturer: VV Models see also Composite Specialisties
For local pilots please contact Stanley Chan at 92568087 for stock

newsting1.jpg (41997 bytes)
It is a carbon all-mould design and just looks strong

newsting2.jpg (37597 bytes)
Its HN354 airfoil is one of the most advanced airfoils for F3x competition and provides the speed it needs to win

newsting3.jpg (19902 bytes)
On a speedy F3F track in Fei Ngo Shan

newsting4.jpg (4623 bytes)
Slope soaring in a cloudy day

newsting5.jpg (80640 bytes)
Speed run in Clearwater bay

newsting6.jpg (19731 bytes)
Cruise steadily in Pak Lap Wan

newsting7.jpg (15507 bytes)
A fast F3F ship in its own class

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Hang over the cliff

Slow landing in Clearwater bay peak (2710279 bytes)
Slow landing in Clearwater bay peak

Newsting practising F3F run in Pak Lap Wan (2710279 bytes)
Newsting practising F3F run in Pak Lap Wan