Pike WR

Pike WR is one of the top F3F racing ships on the market. It holds the 32.7s speed record by Kevin Newton in 2000 Viking race. It has aggressive looking wing tips to provide fast straight line speed and awesome turning qualities. The quality of construction is super and sure you won't complain about this. Samba models have built top level competition models for many years. Pike WR is their proud baby and always a contender in international F3F races.
Wing Span: 2.93m
Airfoil: RG15 modified
Manufacturer: Samba

pikewr1.jpg (54482 bytes)
It is a dedicated F3F racing machine

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The quality of fabrication is super

pikewr4.jpg (20426 bytes)
On a tight turn in Clearwater bay peak

pikewr3.jpg (25174 bytes)
On F3F run in Clearwater bay

pikewr5.jpg (29172 bytes)
On a fast F3F track

pikewr6.jpg (24327 bytes)
Such a beautiful moldy

pikewr7.jpg (20479 bytes)
Hang above Shek O Peak

Pike WR hovering to land (2755459 bytes)
Pike WR hovering to land

PikeWR slope soaring in Pak Lap Wan (5666555 bytes)
PikeWR slope soaring in Pak Lap Wan