Nimbus 3.3m

This Numbus is a scale model that offers exceptional performance. It can respond to even weakest thermals because of its light-weight setup. The model is molded, completely sanded and covered. The wing is in 2-piece and its finished surface in balsa polystyrene, with which the ailerons are already ripped out and sanded. It is a good value for money model.
Wing Span: 3310mm
Airfoil: SD3021
Manufacturer: Exclusiv Modellbau Scheifele (EMS)

Nimbus1.jpg (40528 bytes)

EMS Numbus and its proud master

Nimbus2.jpg (44120 bytes)
See its wing shape, it can even fly in weak thermals

Nimbus3.jpg (49436 bytes)
See its beautiful streamline design

Nimbus4.jpg (50149 bytes)
Amazing wing structure! What was it made of?