The original PC-9 has been in Air Force service worldwide. This good looking power scale sloper (PSS) is made of EPP and is very durable for slope fun fly. The wings and fuselage are all made of EPP with high-precision machinery. The tail is constructed from coroplast sheets. The model flies well with positive controls. For high wind with ballast installed, this little ship can be good performer on aerobatics.
Wing Span: 1.2m
Airfoil: Proprietary
Manufacturer: Canterbury Sailplanes

pc9a.jpg (53774 bytes)
Looks nice and ready to take the abuse

pc9b.jpg (5497 bytes)
Stable and easy to fly

pc9c.jpg (28257 bytes)
Good performance in aerobatics

pc9d.jpg (41171 bytes)
On attack position!