Bat EPP was designed and produced by Windrider R.S.B. Aviation Co. Ltd, a local company specializing in EPP combat models. Bat's wing is made by injection moulding technique widely used in producing large volume toy foamy planes. Thanks for the investment in the mould,  Bat is a high-precision, pre-fabricated EPP flying wing ever made. It is a fast, light wind model and is definitely  a competitive EPP plane for the combat arena or on Man-on-Man races. The kit comes with all necessary material for assembling and, in addition. The tail fin can be a conventional centered fin, or more visually appearing a two fins version which resemble the legs of a bat.  This interesting EPP glider  is a good-value-for-money model and is a competitive EPP flying wing worth keeping.
Wing Span: 48"
Airfoil: Proprietary
Manufacturer: Windrider R.S.B. Aviation Co. Ltd.

bat1.jpg (15648 bytes)
A realistic looking Bat glider with two "legs"

bat2.jpg (13853 bytes)
A conventional single fin version is well suitable for combat

bat7.jpg (46652 bytes)
It looks unconventional but it flies

bat8.jpg (42659 bytes)
A 56" Bat ready for the race

bat5.jpg (33033 bytes)
On a speedy flypass

bat6.jpg (12186 bytes)
Cruising steadily. It is easy to fly

bat3.jpg (9375 bytes)
Bat soaring in day light?

bat4.jpg (33706 bytes)
It is a fun as well as competitive model

Bat glider on a tour of Fei Ngo Shan (3650615 bytes)
Bat glider on a tour of Fei Ngo Shan

Launching a Bat in Fei Ngo Shan (2315963 bytes)
Launching a Bat in Fei Ngo Shan