The Victor is a molded wing slope racer. It's very stable and agile. Fast and slow flight is dazzling, with a wide speed range that can be increased even more with the use of ballast. As a slope racer the Victor is very competitive, but considering the price and broad speed envelope, it makes a very good sport sloper.
Wing Span: 60"
Airfoil: RG15
Manufacturer: Northeast Sailplane Products

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A beautiful looking Victor by MingFai

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On a speed chase with Zagi - won!

victor1.jpg (25057 bytes)
On a close flypass

victor4.jpg (24853 bytes)
Victor on a speedy turn

victor3.jpg (57578 bytes)
Recover the Victor after landed

Victor on a highspeed dive (395391 bytes)
See a movie for Victor on a highspeed dive