The MiniCorado is the little brother of the infamous F3J ship from VV Models of Czech Republic.  Its neat design with a careful chosen platform, MH32, provides high performance required by slope racing competitions. No mater you are pleasant flyers on searching for a thermal or aerobatic soarers inching for fraction of a second in record, MiniCorado always satisfies you. The wings are polyhedral with aileron hinges ready installed on delivered. The fuse is fiberglass reinforced to take serious abuses.   The v-tail can be glued to the fuse.  The ship is almost completed on delivered and can be out to the field the next day it arrived. The overall weight  is very small and it is able to fly in a wide variety of conditions.
Wing Span: 1.5m
Airfoil: MH 32
Manufacturer: VV Models
For local pilots please contact Stanley Chan at 92568087 for stock

minicorado1.jpg (53084 bytes)
It is an all-mould design and just looks good

minicorado2.jpg (51570 bytes)
It is light but strong enough to take abuses

minicorado3.jpg (56453 bytes)
Inside the cabinet with sufficient room to install a ballast tube

minicorado4.jpg (20752 bytes)
On a speedy dive in Clearwater Bay

minicorado5.jpg (11886 bytes)
The turning characteristic is well predictable

minicorado6.jpg (17375 bytes)
A good racing machine on windy day

minicorado7.jpg (30292 bytes)
and a good floater in light wind

minicorado8.jpg (39827 bytes)
Landing in strong wind, no problem with flaperion deployed

minicorado9.jpg (16194 bytes)
Another beautiful looking MiniCorado on aerobatic

minicorado10.jpg (20950 bytes)
Soars over Kowloon Peak

minicorado11.jpg (13203 bytes)
A good value for money model

minicorado12.jpg (19699 bytes)
Quick turning rate! A good value for pylon racing

minicorado13.jpg (17659 bytes)
A very good floater too!

minicorado14.jpg (12417 bytes)
Look at its streamline design!

Attempt to land (1215831 bytes)
See a movie for an attempt to land MiniCorado

Landing a Mincorado (1859063 bytes)
See a movie for landing a MiniCorado