Hades was designed and optimized for both thermal duration F3B and slope race F3F. Its big brother Hera with a bigger wing span has won Canadian national F3J championship. Hades is from the same people who manufacture 60" Nemesis (Shooting Star) which is one of the fastest racer known today. The quality of manufacturing is superb. The wing of this hollow-molded sailplane is balsa-sheeted with kelva re-enforcement and ailerons installed. The fiberglass fuselage with built-in ballast tube is strong enough to accept serious abuse. The re-moveable v-tail is molded with hinges and control robs installed. Hades has a wide speed range with a pleasant handling characteristic.
Wing Span: 2.8m
Airfoil: RG15
Manufacturer: Composite Specialties, please also have a look on Star
For local pilots please contact Stanley Chan at 92568087 for stock

hades1.jpg (58607 bytes)
A streamline design with a high-degree of prefabrication

hades2.jpg (10116 bytes)
Its aerobatics capability is good

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A beautiful plane on slope run

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It was optimized for F3B and F3F

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It's floaty and pretty fast even in light wind

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On a speed chase with Shooting Star

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It has a pleasant handling characteristic

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Soar over Kowloon city on a cloudy day

Hades on a speedy turn (1359211 bytes)
See a movie for Hades in performing a quick turn

Launch a Hades in Fei Ngo Shan (2223767 bytes)
Launch a Hades in Fei Ngo Shan