Easy EPP

Easy EPP was designed and manufactured by Windrider R.S.B. Aviation Co. Ltd, a local company specializing in producing molded EPP  models. Easy EPP has a conventional airplane frame with cross tail. The controls are rudder and elevator. In the air, it really looks like a scaled model. The plane is made by injection moulding technique developed by Windrider. The result of EPP molding is high-precision, alignment-free models that many customers would demand. Thanks for the investment in the mould,  Easy is a 100% pre-fabricated EPP plane and is truly a "plug-and-fly" model. Its flying characteristic can be described as "easy",  not only because it is docile to fly, it also has all the good handling characteristic of a conventional cross tail model.  Easy EPP is a good light wind model for beginners as well as for novices who would like to sit down, relax and enjoy the beauty of this little plane soaring gracefully pass.  Easy EPP glider  is a good-value-for-money model.
Wing Span: 54.5"
Airfoil: Proprietary
Manufacturer: Windrider R.S.B. Aviation Co. Ltd.

easy1.jpg (47918 bytes)
An army of Easy EPP gliders

easy2.jpg (48593 bytes)
Although they are EPPs, they really look like scaled planes

easy3.jpg (37955 bytes)
The canopy is molded with the fitting holders for standard servos and battery

easy4.jpg (34841 bytes)
It is a plug-and-fly model

easy5.jpg (14470 bytes)
The wing flex a bit on highspeed dive - but certainly this looks great!

easy6.jpg (8456 bytes)
Cruising steadily in Clearwater Bay

easy7.jpg (7379 bytes)
It is as floaty as a DLG

Easy on a tour of Clearwater Bay (3000279 bytes)
Easy on a tour of Clearwater Bay

In exporing the weakest slope lift, certainly it's a good floater (7390555 bytes)
In exploring the weakest slope lift, certainly it's a good floater

Gentle landing on the road (2768791 bytes)
Gentle landing on the road