Omega HLG

Omega HLG is originated from eastern Europe. It was designed to fly at lightest possible weight without sacrificing strength.  The kit is almost ready to fly and comes  with a fiberglass  fuselage with push rod tubes installed. The polyhedral wing has a composite leading and trailing edges to provide maximum strength. The wing is of two-piece construction with a wing rod connecting two wings parts together. The wing is attached to the fuse by two nylon bolts. The whole plane is easy to carry around. At a flying weight of only 9oz, this is certainly a highly competitive handlaunch glider on the market.
Wing Span: 59"
Airfoil: Modified SD7038
Manufacturer: Northeast Sailplane Products

omega1.jpg (44633 bytes)
It looks so beautiful on the ground

omega2.jpg (13562 bytes)
Steady just after launched

omega3.jpg (10906 bytes)
Cruising peacefully in Fei Ngo Shan

omega4.jpg (12298 bytes)
No lift! No problem!

omega5.jpg (7086 bytes)
Still soaring with ease when others are grounded

Omega Poly on a tour of Hong Kong (3861675 bytes)
Omega Poly on a tour of Hong Kong