Fox 2m

This Fox is an outstanding semi scale model of the famous Polish Kunstflugseglers. This model is molded, completely sanded and covered. The wing is in 2-piece and its finished surface in balsa polystyrene, with which the ailerons are already ripped out and likewise sanded. The HS is created in the same building method as the bearing area and indicates the same prefabrication degree. It is a good value for money model.
Wing Span: 2030mm
Airfoil: RG15
Manufacturer: Lenger Modellbau

Fox02.jpg (45492 bytes)
It is a beautiful plane on ground

Fox03.jpg (41308 bytes)
See from the back with high-degree of prefabrication

FOX 2M-2.jpg (17441 bytes)
Who is piloting this glider?

FOX 2M-3.jpg (21763 bytes)
Soar along the ridge contour

Fox09.jpg (51867 bytes)
See this Fox with a Teddy Bear pilot!

Fox05.jpg (7730 bytes)
It is enjoyable for flying this glider

Fox06.jpg (3107 bytes)
Look so real  for this scale glider

Fox07.jpg (11955 bytes)
See how thin the wings are!

Fox08.jpg (67682 bytes)
Another close-up view

Fox04.jpg (8891 bytes)
Soaring peacefully in Fei Ngo Shan

fox12.jpg (9089 bytes)
It is a realistic looking scale glider

Fox on a soaring trip to Grass Island (3957947 bytes)
Fox on a soaring trip to Grass Island