Tango from FVK is an ARF model with a stable flight characteristic. It is well suitable for beginners as well as experts. Its very forgiving flight characteristic can provide r/c pilots with lots of fun either handlaunch it in the slope, or bungee launch it in the field. The model is delivered almost complete except for the installation of r/c components. The wing is polyhedral constructed with balsa ribs and covered with multicolor Oracover. Its flying weight is very light and it can be  flown in light breeze. It has a removable nose cone. The V-tail is also removable. The wing is two pieces so the plane can be packed into a small box  for easy transportation.
Wing Span: 1.5m
Airfoil: SD7055 mod
Manufacturer: FVK Modell

tango1.jpg (40993 bytes)
It is a  good looking  handlaunch model

tango2.jpg (6690 bytes)
Stable and easy to fly

tango3.jpg (5690 bytes)
It is good for bungee launch too!

tango4.jpg (26409 bytes)
On an approach to land

tango5.jpg (13276 bytes)
It is a solid handlaunch glider

tango6.jpg (40430 bytes)
Exploring the minimum available lift

tango8.jpg (9687 bytes)
On exploring the invisible thermal

tango7.jpg (23507 bytes)
Hand launching in Ma On Shan