Zagi EPP

Zagi is a combat flying wing made with EPP material. It is a good combat plane for light to medium wind. This flying wing is very popular for slope combat worldwide. It is also very durable.
Wing Span: 47"
Airfoil: Proprietary
Manufacturer: Trick R/C

zagi_2.jpg (40941 bytes)
Rainbow Zagi

zagi_1.jpg (10912 bytes)
Zagi on run

zagi_3.jpg (24609 bytes)
Can you see the wing?

zagi_4.jpg (55431 bytes)
A flip over landing!

zagi_5.jpg (7875 bytes)
Who dare to fly in heavy fog?

zagi_6.jpg (11602 bytes)
Zagis on combat mission

zagi_7.jpg (15051 bytes)
One chasing the other