Mini Milan

This little brother of Milan is designed for handlaunch and thermal soaring. It can be flown on small slopes with weak lift conditions. The good flight characteristics and the low sink rate enable it to cruse slowly then push the nose down and get somewhat quicker flight handling for aerobatics.  The kit is completely equipped with quality accessories and all linkage included. The multiepoxy fuse has a white gel coat finish. The wing construction is obechi over white foam with full-length spar system. Leading edge is installed and sanded at the factory as are the servo wells for ailerons. V-tail parts are also ready on delivery.
Wing Span: 65"
Airfoil: SD7037
Manufacturer: Multiplex RC

mmilan1.jpg (63109 bytes)
A good looking Mini Milan by Big Head Ching

mmilan2.jpg (56260 bytes)
It looks as beautiful as its big brother

mmilan3.jpg (13461 bytes)
Slope soaring in Fei Ngo Shan

mmilan4.jpg (6012 bytes)
A good looking handlaunch glider

mmilan5.jpg (21649 bytes)
Floating peacefully in light wind

MiniMilan on slope soaring in Fei Ngo Shan (3809399 bytes)
See a movie for MiniMilan on slope soaring in Fei Ngo Shan

Landing a MiniMilan (1173815 bytes)
See a movie for landing a MiniMilan