Bluto is a new design by Harris Nelson who is well known in sailplane design. His famous creations include Spyder, Shrike and Moth. Bluto's design follows the tradition of Moth, however, the  fuse is replaced by an extended centre wing section; the result is less drag and hence faster in speed. The handling characteristic of Bluto is excellent,  it is currently  the fastest EPP foamies ever designed and yet it is very stable in a wide range of lift condition. On a recent MoM race in Torrey Pines, Bluto stood up the challenge to win the race in the first and third places. The DSing performance of Bluto is as good as those molddies and definitely much better than other foamies. With full ballast in strong  wing, it can carve the air with amazing speed and of course with the added advantage of being EPP - that is indestructable, it is certainly a fun fly sloper worth keeping no matter you are a racing enthusiast or DS screamer.
Wing Span: 48"
Airfoil: Proprietary
Manufacturer: North Country Flying Machines

bluto1.jpg (46586 bytes)
This 48" EPP sloper looks a bit unusual

bluto2.jpg (44879 bytes)
No fuse and not a flying  wing lookalike!

bluto3.jpg (10235 bytes)
Wow! look nice but how about the performance?

bluto4.jpg (6075 bytes)
Invert flight, no problem!

bluto5.jpg (6032 bytes)
High speed fly pass - not invert flight

bluto6.jpg (6359 bytes)
The wing profile is so thin

Bluto tours  of Fei Ngo Shan (3660943 bytes)
Aerobatic is an easy job

Bluto on DSing in Fei Ngo Shan (3647567 bytes)
DSing is even better!

Soaring against the silhouette of Mariner Cove (3968127 bytes)
Soaring against the silhouette of Mariner Cove

Last soaring after sunset (2136771 bytes)
Last soaring after sunset

Bluto on a tour of Hong Kong (2683611 bytes)
Bluto on a tour of Hong Kong