Graupner B4

Graupner B4 is highly aerobatic sailplane designed for slope soaring. The B4 has already become very popular due to its pleasant flying characteristics and its great aerobatic capability. The model is often seen performing successfully in Europe at aerobatic competitions.
Wing Span: 72"
Airfoil: Unknown
Manufacturer: Graupner

B4b.jpg (29702 bytes)
A beautiful looking B4 by Andy

B4a.jpg (44673 bytes)
Ready for flight in Clearwater bay

B4c.jpg (19250 bytes)
B4 on a really CLOSE flyby

B4d.jpg (51404 bytes)
On a landing approach

B4e.jpg (12508 bytes)
Flying on a rainy day in Clearwater bay

B4f.jpg (24117 bytes)
Too fast to catch it!